about the author

Anna F. Pompetti was born in Italy and migrated to Australia with her family at the age of four. She then travelled back to Europe in her early twenties, living in Switzerland and Italy for twenty-three years, before returning home to Australia in 2010.Anna worked extensively in the aged care sector both abroad and in Australia, accumulating precious knowledge and insight that she shares in Ground Zero - The Frontline.Having retired from the industry after many years, she decided to put her knowledge and experience in writing in the hope of helping others.She has won awards for her outstanding work and commitment in many places she has worked.

about the book

With over 30 years of working in the healthcare system in two countries, the author showcases the most important skills you need to be able to work with, and care for, the elderly and people affected by dementia.

Specially tailored for those considering a career path in this industry, no matter what the position, and for the tireless workers at home lovingly taking care of family members.

It outlines the difficulties faced by both worker and patient, giving tips and insight about how dementia and the ageing process works from a frontline point of view.

This sets the bar for constructing a solid foundation of knowledge and skills needed in this extraordinary line of work and possibly in your personal life.

Ground Zero – The Frontline is about communication, love, compassion, and understanding needed to be a frontline worker. Included are twenty real life scenarios that serve as examples of some of the diverse people that have been the inspiration for this book. It is true. It is real. It is, at times, confronting.


Oral care for dementia patients.

This was one of the care aspects that was the most challenging for me, especially when caring for people suffering with dementia. It was difficult to carry out proper oral hygiene when the patient inv ........



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